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Thermal Oil Boiler

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We are producing " THERMAL OIL BOILER" Thermal Oil Boiler is High temperature heating systems, used for industrial processes - most often instead of steam, because of much higher operating temperatures at low operation pressures - and because of significant less overall operation costs. Steam requires pressure, whereas thermal oil can be pressureless up to 330 -340° C. Pressurised it can get up to 400° C. The hot oil packages comprise heater, main pump, heat exchangers, expansion, dearating- and buffer tanks, emptying systems with pump and tank, special valves, strainers, compensators, safeties, controllers, auxiliary equipment, tubes, fittings, charge of thermal fluid and of course full documentation. The simple principle in hot oil system is to heat up special thermal fluid by circulating the fluid through heaters ( with burners, electrical elements or flue gas recuperators) - and thereafter direct the fluid out to one or several consumers i.e. heat exchanger, air heaters, reactors, rollers etc. Our Thermal Oil Boiler start from capacity 300.000 kcal/ hour with heating surface 4.2 M2 and are all tailor-made and they are always delivered as complete packages for assembly on site, or as skid mounted units when the size allows it and with full and easy accessible instruction for erecting, installation and maintenance. We are also producing: Spray Dryer Vacuum Dryer Rotary Dryer Flash Dryer Heat Exchanger Fluidized Bed Dryer Continuous Belt Dryer Coal Gasifier Fixed Bed Gasifier Fluidized Bed Gasifier Circulating Fluid Gasifier Green Incinerator Hi-Temp Incinerator Plasma Incinerator Coal Fuel Incinerator Biofuel Equipments Thermal Oil Boiler Supercritical Fluid Aerated Lightweight Concrete For further info please contact: Jon Maulana PT. ARTECH Jln Raya Narogong KM 9, 3 Bekasi Tel: 021.8250033; 46444163 Hp: 0811.815750 Fax: 021.8211209 Email: sales@ web: Technical References Articles, News, drying equipment, Drier, Beton ringan, beton aerasi, lightweight concret, beton, aerated, foam chemical, chemical, foam, peluang usaha, kontraktor, bangunan, bahan, konsultan, gedung, pengecoran, semen, pasir, aditif, Gasifikasi, gasifier, converter, batubara, gas, hemat, energi, lingkungan, cost saving, emmission, burner, boiler, oven dryer, spray dryer, vacuum dryer, rotary dryer, flash dryer, heat exchanger, fluidized bed dryer, continuous belt dryer, incenerator, calorifier, furnace, smelter, dryer, kiln, bahan bakar, limbah, air panas, steam, listrik, tekstil, kimia, makanan, plastik, aspalt, tambang, Keramik, pengecoran, semen, industri, Green incinerator, green energy, green technology, green fuel, green equipments, green applications, green contractor, green engineering, green oil, green power, green materials, green building, green electricity, green process, green design, green output, go green, green label, green country, green leaf, echo green, Indonesia go green, Energi hijau, teknologi hijau, Indonesia menuju hijau, Gasifier, gasification, coal gasification, fixed bed gasifier, fluidized bed gasifier, circulate fluid bed, high temperature gasifier, high temperature incinerator, plasma incinerator, waste to energy, pirolysis, syngas, synthetic gas, gasifikasi, gasifikasi batubara, pirolisa, gas sintetis, gas bakar, Plasma technology, plasma system, Municipal solid waste, industrial waste, medical waste, solid waste, liquid waste, dangerous waste, plastic waste, sludge waste, waste process, waste treatment, waste management, waste technology, waste energy, waste heat, heat energy, power energy, waste heat recovery, reuse, recycle, sampah kota, limbah masyarakat, limbah rumah tangga, limbah padat, limbah cair, limbah berbahaya, limbah plastik, limbah industri, limbah rumah sakit, limbah udara, pengolahan sampah, pengelolaan sampah, penggunaan ulang, pengolahan ulang, pemanfaatan limbah, pemanfaatan panas, energi panas, Micro algae, algae, bio fuel, bio diesel, bio energy, bio technology, esterification, botryococcus braunii, ganggang, bio teknologi, Engineering equipments, engineering products, heat transfer, dryer equipments, boiler, solid fuel boiler, co generation boiler, rotary dryer, flash dyer, spray dyer, vacuum dryer, oven dryer, belt dyer, calorifier, fluidized bed dryer, incinerator, heat exchanger, mesin pengering, pemindah panas, konversi panas, konversi energi, insinerasi, Lightweight concrete, beton ringan, bata ringan, beton aerasi, panel, decorative stone, batu hias, waste, supercritical fluids, batubara, coal, partikulat, emisi, logam berat, dioxin, sox, nox, jet burner, boiler, termal oil, hot water, mengolah lmbah plastic, mengolah ban bekas, waste plastic to energy, Scrap tyre to energy, thermal depolymerization, catalitic pyrolisis